Carrefour CRM


Carrefour CRM


Highly-specialized marketing mechanisms opened to brands to deploy advanced solutions such as  promogaming®.

Promogaming® is a registered trademark 


brands have participated to promogaming® over the last 12 months.


couponing campaigns in 2020.

Carrefour CRM includes highly-specific marketing mechanisms to connect with Carrefour’s existing customer base, enhancing their buying experience and creating loyal brand advocates.


Gamified experience linked to product purchase.


Personalized post-sales promotional offer for in-store and e-commerce customers.

Shoppable recipes

Coming soon, from the site to the table in a few clicks!

Carrefour CRM in details

Carrefour CRM combines different technologies and approaches to propose a wide variety of solutions with a single goal: empowering interactions with customers:

• Promogaming®: Offering customers a chance to win a full refund of their shopping cart if they buy a product from a partner’s brand.

• Coupons: Digital vouchers to help customers access products at a reduced price, both in-store and online. Relevant and motivating coupons to turn shoppers into buyers and buyers into fans.

• Shoppable recipes: All ingredients of a recipe will be seamlessly purchased and delivered. The technology will allow customers to swap items (e.g., no gluten) and brands to be promoted (e.g., proposal of “unswappable” products of the brand sponsor).

• Shop in shop: Provides a brand with its own dedicated selling space in our digital assets, standing out from their competitors.

• Cashback: Thanks to which customers shop as usual and they are paid back some cash through the subscription to the cashback programm



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