Carrefour Links Category: Rethink Your Category Management through Data Collaboration

Carrefour Links Category is a solutions suite crafted to revolutionize category Management. Built to enhance Carrefour-Suppliers collaboration and optimize category performance, it is the perfect offer for a more data-driven approach of your assortment, innovation and merchandising through all channels.

  • Collaborative decision-making: Foster a strong partnership with Carrefour through shared insights, enabling joint decision-making for mutual growth and success.
  • Data-driven category management : Utilize data to drive category growth and innovation, ensuring your retail strategy is ahead of market trends.
  • Enhanced assortment planning: Improve the full lifecycle of your brand assortments through data, from strategic building to innovation testing and merchandising approaches tracking
  • Shopper lifecycle analysis: Gain insights into your shoppers' journey through all channels, enabling a strengthened store retention and enhancing their shopping experience.
Example Use Case

A supplier uses Category to collaborate closely with Carrefour Merchandise teams. Together, they analyze shopper journey data and decide to reposition certain snack items for better visibility. This joint decision, backed by shared data insights, leads to a significant increase in sales for the snack category. Additionally, Carrefour’s teams are able to optimize shelf space, resulting in a more efficient store layout and increased customer satisfaction