Merch & Supply


Merch and Supply

Data science-based collaboration on merchandising or supply chain programs.


preformatted dashboards. 

Carrefour wants to provide each of its customers with an experience that is best suited to their needs. With Merch & Supply, we commit to open collaboration with partner brands, in order to deliver the best assortments, prices, promos, formats, availability and delivery.

Advanced merchandising analytics

Collaborative programs like the joint definition of width and depth of categories or coordinated promotional efforts.

Advanced supply chain analytics

Collaborative programs on demand forecasting or real-time, shared monitoring of stocks and service levels.

Merch & Supply in details

Merch & Supply are grounded on data science-based collaboration capabilities

• Specialized dashboards: Pre-formatted, self-service insights with highly specific information on merchandising and supply chain.

• Analytics library: Large set of precompiled analytics algorithms to speed up collaboration, both for merchandising (e.g. joint promotional efforts) and supply chain (e.g., stock visibility).

• Ad-hoc programs: Personalized services, including peer exchanges with Carrefour data analytics experts and sr. advisors.

• Open data access: Access to fully granular data, with ability to drill down and roll up as needed.

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