PoS & DataShopper


PoS & DataShopper 

A series of advanced dashboards providing insights to understand sales dynamics and shoppers behavior.
6+ bn

receipts available in our datalake.


~50 mn

loyalty card holders.



top-tier CPGs using the solution.

Our Point of Sale (PoS) dataset is the largest and most granular source of anonymized transaction and shopper data in the industry. It is the foundation to start a data-driven conversation and solve real customer issues.

DataShopper is our next-gen insights platform, enabling commercial, merchandising and marketing teams to understand customer, brand, and competitor behavior, identifying new business trends and opportunities. DataShopper is built on Google Cloud technology that includes Looker, one the most advanced dataviz tools in the market, and BigQuery, the 100% cloud-native data warehouse.

Merchandising console

Provide category managers with real-time visibility across categories, prices and promotions.

Commercial performance

Assess your global sales performance per market.

POS & DataShopper in details

Carrefour’s PoS data licence includes:

• Access to fresh, weekly data: Based on all available receipts.

• Structured information: Thanks to our international product directory, enabling SKU-level mapping and performance comparison across countries.

• KPIs: Granting a holistic overview of distribution channels (store-by store, e-commerce, delivery partners like Uber eats or Glovo), the competition and commercial performance (promo tag, promotion…).

DataShopper provides a set of pre-formatted dashboards conceived to identify growth opportunities:

• Global insights: To get a bird’s-eye view of the brand performance, thanks to the international overview and the business equation.

• Product insights: To deep dive in categories, brands and competition performance.

• Shoppers insights: To understand shopper purchase behaviors, including shopper evolution over time, promotion sensitivity and customer value dashboards.

• Distribution insights: To identify growth opportunities from a distribution standpoint, thanks to the channel and store dashboards.

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