Search & Display


Search & Display


Highly interactive and contextualized
digital visibility within Carrefour.



conversion rate vs. unexposed group.
(illustrative example from a chocolate product campaign)


revenue vs.  
 (illustrative example from a chocolate product campaign)

+ 1.7%

add to basket rate vs. category (0.5% – 1.2%).
(illustrative example from a chocolate product campaign)

Search & Display helps brands deploy highly sophisticated digital campaigns to reach shoppers at all stages of their shopping journey driving awareness, traffic and sales. Thanks to Criteo’s industry-leading advertising and AI capabilities, combined with Carrefour data, ads become contextually relevant for a more engaging shopping experience.


Customers interact seamlessly with sponsored products, directly integrated into the purchasing process.


Customers are exposed to products with inspirational and interactive online ads, in perfect sync with the brand strategy.

Search & Display in details

Search & Display offers modern digital activation and measurement capabilities:

• Multi-digital assets: Present across Carrefour websites and apps.

• One-stop shop for digital advertising: Avoiding the burden of fragmented campaigns and solutions. Criteo is Carrefour’s preferred partner for search and display.

• Seamless experience: Ads that blend with Carrefour digital assets’s look and feel. For example, products displayed where they would organically appear in the shopper experience. And this goes beyond look and feel, taking account of Carrefour criteria like product availability depending on the delivery / pick-up location.

• Interactive ads: For instance, where customers can easily add a product to the cart, be redirected to a dedicated page.

• Identified ads: In full respect of ethical practices, all our ads are clearly identified (e.g., “sponsored by”).

• Measurement: Providing a view of media impacts (impression, interaction rate…) and conversion (basket add rate, incremental revenue…).

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