A neutral, secure and privacy-safe environment enabling the construction and analysis
of audiences to drive traffic and engagement,
in any channel.



category growth 
for customers exposed to the campaign.
(illustrative example from a laundry product campaign)


sales product growth
among exposed customers.
 (illustrative example from a laundry product campaign)

Xperiences is Carrefour’s new cutting edge marketing intelligence platform. It enables a perfect combination of Carrefour and brands’ know-how. Leveraging Safe Haven, LiveRamp’s proprietary identity management infrastructure, Xperiences enables custom connectivity with hundreds of retail media platforms around the globe.


Audience building

Combine your own data with Carrefour insights to create targeted audiences.

Lookalike modeling

Expand seed segments to target customers with similar attributes to your audiences.

Controlled activation

Distribute audiences to pre-approved media destinations for targeting.

Xperiences in details

Xperiences is the one-stop-shop:

• Single customer view: Based on LiveRamp’s proprietary identity graph and cookieless solution to match customer interactions with Carrefour and partners’ insights.

• Easy-to-use UX: Highly intuitive tooling for marketers without advanced data expertise.

• Audience distribution: Including more than 650 connectors with media platforms and premium publishers. Marketers can focus their efforts thinking on satisfying their customers vs. building solutions.

• Marketing insights and services: Combining self-service dataviz environment with ad-hoc precision marketing services.

• Marketing algorithms: Complete library of pre-built marketing use cases.

• Data science environment: Including data science techs like Jupiter and Spark so data experts can access granular data and build new insights.

• Google Cloud-based data repository: Capable of dealing with huge volumes of data with high performance.

• Self-service administration: To manage rights and permissions of the users of the platform with a few clicks.

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