Carrefour Links E-Commerce : Enhance Online Retail Strategy and operations

Carrefour Links E-Commerce offers detailed tracking and analysis of end to end e-commerce capabilities to ensure your online performance. Addressing directly anomalies and activate growth lever along conversion funel in partnership with dedicated Carrefour team.

  • End-to-end transparency: Designed specifically for this channel, this offer enables the monitoring of your e-commerce performance at each level: assortment, publishability, publishing, add to cart, purchase...
  • Improvement at each level: Activate directly performance levers: correct publishing problems, reduce out-of-stocks and improve your investment in our e-commerce platforms.
  • Specialized teams: Interact directly to our e-collaborators, trained and specialized in improving e-commerce performance.
Example Use Case

A cosmetics supplier uses E-Commerce by Carrefour Links to monitor their online product listings. The dedicated team quickly identifies and resolves an issue with incorrect pricing on several items, preventing potential revenue loss. The supplier also utilizes the solution to analyze and enhance their promotional strategy, leading to a significant increase in online sales and better customer engagement.