Carrefour Links Growth : monitor and optimize 
  your business through Carrefour data

Carrefour Links Growth enables you to understand, track and enhance your performance across all Carrefour channels. Through a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards, it allows a shared Carrefour-CPG vision while allowing in depth analysis through Carrefour’s extensive Data.

  • Detailed performance analysis: Understand and improve your categories' performance within Carrefour network, identify key trends, benchmark with your competitors and activate relevant levers.
  • Data-driven collaboration: Share a common vision with Carrefour and work together to develop your business.
  • Europe's largest data lake: Analyze the performance of 10 billion transactions across 40 countries and 12 500 points of sale. Understand the purchasing habits of 80 million loyalty cardholders.
  • Personalized management cockpit: Customize your vision to quickly access the data you need.
Example Use Case

A supplier launches a new premium range, using Growth to analyze the effect of its launch on consumers, observing new customers recruited to the category, those who repeat their purchases or now buy competing products.