Carrefour Links Supply: Optimize your Supply Chain through advanced Data Solution

Carrefour Links Supply represents a transformative step in supply chain management, offering an enhanced visibility from warehouse to on shelf availability. Providing innovative data solutions tailored for suppliers, it enables an optimal end to end management of your supply chain.

  • End to end visibility : Deep-dive in Carrefour supply chain from warehouse order and receptions to store stock and OSA
  • Streamlined Operations: Reduce execution delays and improve operational processes, enhancing overall supply chain flow.
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy: Utilize enhanced forecasting tools to minimize stockout situations while limiting overstock
  • Increased Collaboration: Foster stronger relationships with Carrefour, leading to a more efficient and integrated supply chain.
Example Use Case

A food supplier uses Supply to monitor their product distribution. The real-time data allows them to identify a sudden spike in demand at specific locations. They quickly adjust their supply chain to meet this demand, avoiding stock outs. This responsiveness not only enhances their relationship with Carrefour but also leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.