Key Insights from the "Unlocking Mutual Success" Webinar on Data Collaboration

In our first webinar part of the Links Webinar Series, Bel joined us to discuss “Data Collaboration: from Raw Data to Category Management Excellence.” This session offered a deep dive into transforming raw data into actionable insights for better category management. emphasizing the synergy between data capabilities and business success.

Strategic Digital Transformation

The webinar opened with a presentation from the head of digital operations at Carrefour Links, outlining our journey in evolving digital solutions to better meet the demands of both internal stakeholders and suppliers. The spotlight was on our rich data lake—one of the largest in Europe and Latin America—and how it powers our ‘DataShopper’ platform, also known as Growth. This solution is instrumental in providing comprehensive performance insights, reflecting a significant shift towards more data-centric business strategies.

Collaborative Success with Suppliers
A major highlight was the practical application of these data strategies by Bel, a noted French snack company known for popular brands like The Laughing Cow and Babybel. The discussion focused on their efforts to integrate Carrefour Links data into their internal systems, aiming to democratize access to critical data across the company. The collaboration has led to the development of sophisticated data ingestion processes that cater to the specific needs of high granularity and historic data access.

Technological and Business Advancements
The dialogue underscored the evolution of technical solutions and business processes through collaborative efforts. By addressing the technical challenges of data integration and refining their approach based on mutual feedback, both parties have achieved a streamlined workflow conducive to strategic decision-making. This partnership not only enhanced the data capabilities of Bel but also enriched the technical acumen of Carrefour Links, setting a benchmark for future collaborations.

Conclusion The session wrapped up by highlighting the transformational impact of data on business strategies and the importance of collaborative partnerships in leveraging technological advancements.

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