Launching a New Sustainable Food Option: A Bel x Carrefour Links Case Study

How does Carrefour Links help suppliers to understand the impact of a product launch on their customers?
As part of the launch of a new range of plant-based cheese by Bel, Carrefour Links teams analyzed the impact of the introduction of this plant-based alternative on shoppers in its cheese category.

Purchasing behavior:

Our analyses reveal a positive trend in consumer behavior towards plant-based alternatives both in terms of recruitment and customer profiles attracted. Here’s what our data revealed:
Consumer migration: 58% of consumers who previously only bought dairy cheeses are now switching to plant-based cheese. 
Cannibalization: 10% of consumers who consume Bel’s plant-based cheese previously consumed plant-based cheeses from the competition. 
Demographics and consumption habits:

Our analyses can help you understand your consumers through demographic characteristics:
Organic nutrition enthusiasts: 57% of consumers of this new product are considered enthusiastic about organic nutrition, compared with only 10% in other categories.
Young adults (25-39 without children): This group represents 17% of buyers, which is significantly higher than the 6% observed in the other categories. This demographic group therefore represents a growth opportunity for this plant segment.

This case study, based on consumer data for a plant-based alternative, enables us to identify key trends, feeding into category decisions and marketing strategies to better meet consumer needs.

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