Reviving Fem Care : Strategic Insights into Promotional Success with Carrefour

Procter & Gamble used Growth to analyze tampons declining sales in Carrefour Spain, aiming to uncover the causes behind the reduction in sales, buyers and spending per buyer.

This strategic initiative sought to identify and address the factors contributing to tampons market losses, and we quickly realized that 100% of the loss of sales, buyers and Spend per buyer was linked to promotions.

The investigation revealed that a significant portion of the brand losses were directly linked to reduced promotional visibility and suboptimal product placement. Despite these challenges, the brand showed resilience outside of promotional periods, indicating strong brand loyalty and a solid consumer base.

Key Highlights:

  • The brand losses were primarily due to decreased promotional activities.
  • Effective display execution and strategic planogram adjustments were identified as critical areas for improvement.
  • Outside promotional periods, brand’s performance remained robust, underscoring the brand’s inherent strength.

This case study exemplifies the profound impact that data analytics can have on retail and supplier collaboration.
Through the strategic use of Growth, Procter & Gamble was able to pinpoint specific areas for enhancement, paving the way for a targeted approach to reclaim tampons market position. This initiative not only facilitated a deeper understanding of the market dynamics but also reinforced the importance of data-driven strategies in fostering successful partnerships between retailers and suppliers, ensuring mutual growth and consumer satisfaction.